Monday, 8 December 2008


It's finally* been long enough since the 90s that they can be easily be identifiable by certain key features:

- Obnoxious homepages that are perpetually under construction with illegible text on busy tiled backgrounds, littered with counters and an inexplicably high number of "awards," and "hidden" Easter eggs.
- References to The Simpsons, Seinfeld, The X-Files, Pulp Fiction, Pam Anderson, etc.
- Excessive use of the word "Awesome."
- General excitement or optimism when it comes to the World Wide Web.
- Referring to the Internet as "the World Wide Web."
- Netscape

Jason's Awesome WWW Home Page!!!!

*This is the wrong choice of words, because I'm pretty sure these "features" were well known a few years back, but it sounds more dramatic and exciting than just "check out this crazy web page."

(Link via cory_arcangel's Delicious)


Scott said...

Aaaaah, memories... The blink tag, tiling backgrounds and long URLs that almost always included a tilde. I think this guy's site would benefit from the animated fire gif too. Or perhaps an animated police-light. Or both.


By the way, your new look is great! Wide!

Screen recorder said...

Many things have changed since 1996. I didn't have computer then:)

mac os dvd mov said...

It is a fast-developing era, right?

convert AVI to DVD said...

Since 1996? that is really a long time which can change a lot of things like sloving problems on Internet.