Friday, 18 February 2011

One Track Mind

So, now that I actually have more than one hobby, I've learned something I didn't know about myself: I have a one track mind.

I can only deal with one thing at a time, so when my attention moves from one hobby to the other, the former gets completely forgotten. That is, until I come back to it and, in turn, neglect the latter. Hence why I'll have major dry spells on here, as this blog (unfortunately?) seems to mostly focus on my internet/gif art interests.

I'm going to post about what I've been doing lately, though, because a nice offshoot of my bike polo life is that it's been giving me a lot of illustration projects to work on.

Most of it is, admittedly, polo related ...

... But some work was paid, or intended for side projects.

I'll try to keep updating the illustration bits I do. Realistically, I'd like to build a portfolio and get a few more paid jobs to help subsidise my income (and creativity). So ... watch this space?