Sunday, 3 April 2011

Srsly, who fucking says that?

I'm not usually so easily offended, but it really insults me when people in cars wish death upon cyclists.

Yesterday, as a few of us came to an intersection and a few were riding more casually than I guess this dude liked. I, unfortunately, waited at the intersection for the lights to change (while others went through) only to get a barrage of insults. At first he was muttering the insults to himself but loud enough to be heard and then decided to shout out "I hope you die". I looked back all confused and replied quizzically "I hope you die too?" WTF?! Total wanker!

A few months ago some dude tweeted something similar and got totally abused. Rightly so. He wished bodily harm to cyclists that choose not to stay in the gutter (ie. the bike lane). This is an absurd sentiment, considering cyclists are often safest when furthest away from the curb where they can actually be seen, but it seems to be quite common: Stay out of my sight, and I won't run you down. Some contract.