Sunday, 3 April 2011

Srsly, who fucking says that?

I'm not usually so easily offended, but it really insults me when people in cars wish death upon cyclists.

Yesterday, as a few of us came to an intersection and a few were riding more casually than I guess this dude liked. I, unfortunately, waited at the intersection for the lights to change (while others went through) only to get a barrage of insults. At first he was muttering the insults to himself but loud enough to be heard and then decided to shout out "I hope you die". I looked back all confused and replied quizzically "I hope you die too?" WTF?! Total wanker!

A few months ago some dude tweeted something similar and got totally abused. Rightly so. He wished bodily harm to cyclists that choose not to stay in the gutter (ie. the bike lane). This is an absurd sentiment, considering cyclists are often safest when furthest away from the curb where they can actually be seen, but it seems to be quite common: Stay out of my sight, and I won't run you down. Some contract.

Friday, 18 February 2011

One Track Mind

So, now that I actually have more than one hobby, I've learned something I didn't know about myself: I have a one track mind.

I can only deal with one thing at a time, so when my attention moves from one hobby to the other, the former gets completely forgotten. That is, until I come back to it and, in turn, neglect the latter. Hence why I'll have major dry spells on here, as this blog (unfortunately?) seems to mostly focus on my internet/gif art interests.

I'm going to post about what I've been doing lately, though, because a nice offshoot of my bike polo life is that it's been giving me a lot of illustration projects to work on.

Most of it is, admittedly, polo related ...

... But some work was paid, or intended for side projects.

I'll try to keep updating the illustration bits I do. Realistically, I'd like to build a portfolio and get a few more paid jobs to help subsidise my income (and creativity). So ... watch this space?

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Monday, 3 January 2011

Goodbye, Year of the GIF

I made this GIF* two years ago to bring in 2009. I felt very positive about the new year having spent the last 6 or so months discovering animated gifs and net based art. The following New Year, I was completely inactive, being almost midway into a 6 month hiatus where I didn't post here or image dump on tumblr, and pretty much kept myself in the dark on the subject. Little did I know, I was missing the first half of the year of the animated gif.

Luckily, I did keep lightly in touch thanks to a few favorite blogs via Google Reader and noticed that was getting quite a lot of attention from Tom Moody. I kind of wrote it off as another Tumblr (which I quickly realised wasn't exactly true), and a couple initial visits to the site didn't really encourage me - which can be the case for many first time visitors - as it can be a bit difficult as a newcomer to interject in what feels like a private party. What finally got me excited was the (brief) digital pog renaissance (currently immortalised on one of dump's "pages"). I made a couple new pogs in excitement, sad that I missed the dump session itself.

The feature I enjoyed most (but which no longer exists) was the calendar of themes/assignments. They set it up so that everyday, or most days, a theme would be thrown out there to work from, which would then result in a page like the pog page listed above. It was a great way to get the ball rolling and focus the brainstorming (I'm a subscriber to the idea that limitation breeds innovation). It also made it a lot easier to join in on the conversation, but I digress ...

Tumblr and helped bring a new gif based aesthetic into the mainstream, expanding from the insider/web-only context to art exhibitions around the globe, articles in mainstream press (online and off), and even a few music videos directed by favorite gif artists. Although the animated gif as a format may not translate well outside of the browser, it's the look that appears to be making the outroads. I'll be interested to see what happens in the new year.

* On a gloomier side note, I thought about the above GIF because, yeah, it's another new year, but also because Horatio (the grey one) passed away on Christmas Eve. She was Mark and my first cat and was the sweetest, loveliest cat. She wasn't without problems, she had a chronic health problem that was often quite distressing - for her and us - but her passing (due to cancer) was very sudden and very very sad (she was only 8). RIP Horatio, you were the best!

Anonymous Delivers

Posted in the comments of a previous post.

I'm posting it here (slightly resized) because the images don't show in the Blogger comments like they would dump.