Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Altar Definition Altar

Even better altar definition altar (Woah! Text altar!) by andrej which I faved ages ago on Dump and unfortunately fled my mind upon posting (thanks for the comment).

Also see Tom Moody's recent post which features this digital altar and also a physical altar (of altars) andrej made for the recent Dump IRL show in NYC.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Spiritual Internet: Dump Altars

Tom Moody, 2010

I think the above dump is the closest to a definition of what a dump altar is. Basically a triptych (or more-tych) which combines a central image propped up by peripheral pillars that will act to emphasise the central image as an object of worship (usually ironic) or will play with the central image to create a visual pun or joke (or at least, that's how I interpret it).

To give you an idea just how popular it is as a dump format, take a look at http://dump.fm/altars/ which is updated any time a combo is dumped that follows the format.

I haven't dumped many altars during my sporadic visits to the site, I tend to go for the single image posts or duos - http://dump.fm/lalblog/altars

(post written after a reminder brought to you by Tom Moody's recent interview about animated gifs and dump)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Spiritual Internet: Cathedral 3

Cathedral 3, Duncan Alexander (2010)

Short aside, finally saw Gerhart Richter's stained glass window in Cologne Cathedral. Happened to have a short change-over at Koln HBF and wanted to take a look. It was as awesome as I'd hoped.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Best Use of Mortal Kombat GIFs

Chariots of Mortal Kombat Fire (seecoy, 2007)

Nightwolf Beach Party Vacay (noisia, 2010)

Introducing Nightwolf Again (noisia, 2010)

Rockin' Back in MK3 (Scott Mathews, 2010)

Cyrax Falling (Jasper Elings, 2010)